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Summer Dance Camp
Enroll in fun, safe, summer camp that will get your day started in the best possible way...with dance! Dancers will learn a routine based on the theme, arts and crafts projects, dance history, and more!  

JUST ADDED! - - Musical Theater Dance Camp Ages 7-9 @ Smithfield Studio!
August 18-20, 2020 9:30-11:30am, $120
Sign up by Monday, August 10th!
  • Mask required. Parents not permitted inside Studio.
  • You must register online and have a credit card on file. Card will be charged when minimum enrollment requirement is met and camp is confirmed.
  • Minimum # of students must enroll by 8/10 for camp to confirm.
  • This camp will be the same as the Warwick Studio Musical Theater Dance Camp.
  • To enroll search  Session: In-Studio Summer 2020   Location: Smithfield
Disney Dance Camp August 11-13, 2020 @ Smithfield Studio!
9:30-11:30am, Ages 5-7, $110 - Enrollment open through 8/7/20
9:45-10:45am, Ages 3-4, $55- FULL 
*Must be 100% potty trained, no pull ups.
  • Mask required. Parents not permitted inside Studio.
  • You must register online and have a credit card on file. Card will be charged when minimum enrollment requirement is met and camp is confirmed.
  • Minimum # of students must enroll by 8/3 for camp to confirm.
  • This camp will be the same activities as the Warwick Disney Dance Camp that completed.
  • To enroll search  Session: In-Studio Summer 2020   Location: Smithfield

Dress Code: (No tap shoes for Camp.)
Hair pulled back neatly away from face
Capezio short sleeve blue leotard (no flutter sleeves or skirts attached)
Capezio ballet pink transition tights
So Danca full sole ballet shoes leather (Pink40) *These shoes do not have the tie elastics.
Boys: White T-shirt, Black athletic pants, Black ballet shoes, Hair pulled away from face

  • Mask required in Studio and during class.  Parents not permitted inside Studio.  
  • Class curriculum has been adapted to follow COVID-19 government guidelines. All government guidelines and CDC protocols will be upheld.  
  • If you have plans to travel to a state requiring 14 day quarantine within 14 days of class, do not register.
  • No refunds, no credits.
Please read the below for in-Studio Camp guidelines and process!  Some ways of dancing school are a little different, but  there are still the same great teachers, education and energy, and fun!  Presentation TBA.

We look forward to a Supercalifragilistic Disney Dance Camp!  

Know before you go:
  • If anyone feels sick - stay home.
  • If dancers travel to a state which RI requires a 14 day quarantine upon return, within 14 days of class, they are not able to attend. RIDOH
  • Regardless of outside socialization, social distancing must be maintained at all times while at the Studio. Please follow all protocols set up inside and outside the building as we must uphold our COVID-19 Control Plan.
  • Masks must be on at all times inside the Studio and when lined up outside (upon exiting vehicle).
  • Only students and Staff are permitted inside the Studio. Parents line up with dancer outside with mask on.
  • There is no use of changing areas. Bathrooms are available for use by dancers and Staff.
  • Arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before class begins for drop off/ends for pickup. It is very important to arrive on time. Late arrivals may not be allowed in, late pickups will challenge flow for other classes.
  • CDDS Staff are ready to take care of your children's needs and safety while inside the Studio.
Do before you go:
  • Review Screening Tool every time you are coming to the Studio- if you answer Yes to any of the questions, do not come.
    • It is important this Screening Tool is taken most seriously and honestly.
  • Take dancer's temperature before leaving home. Temperature of 100.4 F is considered a fever - stay home.
  • Bring dancer to the bathroom at home before camp.  We want to limit bathroom usage and crossing paths as much as possible.  The bathroom is available for emergencies, but if we can avoid the "potty parade" we would like to try :)
  • Make sure your online account contact information is up to date in case we need to reach you. Anyone doing drop off/pickup should be in your account.
What to wear:
  • Capezio blue leotard (no flutter sleeves or skirts attached), Capezio pink tights, So Danca full sole leather ballet shoes (Pink40 - these shoes do not have tie elastics), easy on/off slides sandals, mask. Hair pulled back away from face.  (No Tap shoes for Camp)
  • Dancers arrive wearing their ballet shoes in a pair of sandal "slides" that they can slip off/on upon arrival/exit.   Do not wear dance shoes on ground outside.
  • Dance shoes must be worn during class. Students may not be barefoot.
What to bring:
  • Waiver on first day.
  • (Ages 5-7 Only) Small sealable water bottle for an outside water and mask break halfway through camp.  If raining, break will take place in small groups, distanced in waiting room.
  • Ages 3-4 do not bring a water.
  • Do not bring anything else! Tap shoes are not needed for camp. 
Arrival/Drop Off Process:
  • Use the bathroom before arriving to the Studio.
  • Arrive 5 minutes before your camp start time.
  • Remain in your car until Studio opens. A staff member will come outside.
  • Put on Ballet shoes, sandals and mask before exiting your vehicle.
  • Studio doors open 5 minutes before your scheduled class start time for screening and entrance process.
  • Parents stand with dancer on distance markers outside Studio until last marker before entering the studio.  Then a staff member will take over! (Masks must be worn by parent and students. Only staff and students permitted inside Studio.)
  • Upon entering the Studio, dancers remove sandals, sanitize hands, staff take contactless temperature and guide dancer to designated dancing space.
    • If Studio thermometer reads temperature of 100.4 F or higher, parent will be called to pick up dancer. Staff will wait with dancer outside the building.
  • It is very important to arrive on time. Late arrivals may not be allowed in.
During Class:
  • Classrooms and curriculum have been redesigned to uphold government guidelines and additional safety measures.
  • Students will remain inside the same dance room for the entirety of the class.
  • Bathroom should be used only if absolutely necessary.
  • Dance shoes must be worn during class, dancers may not dance barefoot.
Exit/Pick Up Process:
  • Parents arrive 5 minutes before the end of your dancer's class.
  • 2 minutes before class ends, line up on distance markers outside. Mask must be work. Staff will dismiss students one at a time.
  • Please promptly return to your vehicle and exit the parking to make room for the next class.
  • It is very important parents are not late for pickup.
  • Parents, please do not congregate outside the Studio.  Arrive only 5 minutes before class begins/ends and exit the parking lot promptly to make room for the next class. If you are too early or late, it will interfere with flow of other classes.
  • When purchasing a mask for dance, Bloch makes one in black that Miss Carolyn suggests. Available at Competitors Closet in Warwick. See information regarding approved face coverings.
Ages 5-7 Disney Dance Camp Presentation on 8/13/20 (No presentation for Ages 3-4)
The Ages 5-7 students are excited for their presentation and we are so fortunate to be able to put one on in-Studio! Help make this a happy experience for the students by following all of these steps.

The below must be upheld per government guidelines, capacity and distancing limitations:
  1. Do not come if you are sick.
  2. ONE parent may attend the presentation.
    • Absolutely no siblings or other family members. If you arrive with anyone else, you will not be allowed to enter. There are no staff members available to watch other children as they are all working with dance campers. (We wish we could include everyone, but we must uphold guidelines to maintain this safe space.)
  3. One parent line up on distance markers outside the Studio at 11:10am with mask on.
    • Review Screening Tool before coming. If you answer YES to any of the questions you may not enter the Studio.
    • Remove shoes in waiting room and wear socks into dance room. (Please do not be barefoot.)
    • Staff will take no-contact temperature.
  4. Bathroom not available for parents.
  5. Photo and video may be taken!
Dancers arrive and dress as usual!

We are so fortunate to be able to have this one-parent/dancer live in-Studio presentation!