Carolyn Dutra Dance Studio
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Winner PROJO Best RI Dance School 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020
About Us


Carolyn Dutra Dance Studio is a staple of dance education in the Southern New England community. For 46 years, CDDS has been educating, inspiring and leading students through dance, while encouraging kindness, tolerance and unity. Offering classes for ages 18 months to adult in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Acrobatics, Adaptive, Parent/Child, POUND Fitness, Zumba, Yoga, and more. As a performance based school, our focus is participating in community events, in addition to our own Studio shows. We are an inclusive studio and all children are welcome here!

To the Parents:
You can be assured that all classes are instructed in a manner keenly associated with proper and correct dance education. It is my desire to provide you with excellent results in a family-friendly-fun, professional atmosphere. This can only be achieved with understanding between parents, students and teachers. We expect respect and proper discipline at all times. At the Carolyn Dutra Dance Studio, your children are in a nurturing, rewarding, healthy extra-curricular activity.
 Dancingly Yours,
 Miss Carolyn


From a fan:
Sunday night, June 22nd was like Broadway came to Providence!  Your show was outstanding!  We must say your dance rectial was by far the very best dance recital we have ever attended.
From a graduating Company member parent:
Thank you! Lauren has studied dance for 15 years, but it is much more than that and it showed last night at the Cranston High School East Convocation. Lauren received high honors and is a member of the National Honor Society. As she stood before the audience amongst her class mates, the difference was glaringly noticeable. Her feet beveled, shoulders firm and squared, eyes brightly looking at her audience and of course the signature Dutra smile. CONFIDENCE! It also showed when she received her small scholarship award. Again her shoulders in perfect alignment, head straight, looking directly into the eyes of the person offering her award and then the firm hand shake and gracious smile. Other students were either robotic, shuffled their feet, or cowered with rounded or slumped shoulders as they glided into the lime light. Incredible lessons and her drive and ambition is a direct result from the confidence she has assimilated through the years from the continued commitment to the art of dance and of course a little dab of good parenting. Sometimes it is easier to scream and rant when a situation doesn't go the way you want and "thank yous" are a distant thought, but as Lauren's days are rapidly coming to a close, this daddy just can see what a good choice it was to hand her over to you 15 years ago and see what she has become.
Great job Ms. C....great job!

From Pre-School parents:
Just wanted to drop a quick line to Miss Carolyn for another wonderful year of dance and a beautiful recital! NOTHING compares to CDDS. The choreography, stage presence of the dancers, costumes, music, everything -it's unmatched, it truly is. Also - a HUGE thank you to everyone for how safe they make us "nutty moms" feel having our little ones back stage. The safety measures in place are critical, and although I always go into it with a pit in my stomach, I always walk away feeling so comfortable and at ease that the security in place, and volunteer moms, are doing their job at 110%. You ladies are all amazing and have made the last two years of dance a wonderful experience. Looking forward to enrolling her lil' sis next year as well!

My daughter is absolutely in love with the class... and has actually shown a lot of growth in the last few months - crazy to think that a 45 minute class once a week could have such an impact on a 3 year old but this has stretched her a little bit in terms of socializing and what not. We're very happy! :)