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Backstage Helpers
Backstage Helpers:
Thank you for volunteering as a backstage helper for our Recitals!
There are some rules to follow that are for the safety of our dancers and the professional nature of our show.  
  • Arrive 45 minutes before the show you are scheduled to help backstage.
  • Wear ALL BLACK.  NO designs, prints or other colors.
  • Please wear comfortable shoes. You will be on your feet.  
  • Bring a water and some snacks!
  • Let the Check In Table in the lobby know you are a Backstage Helper.
  • Go to the Forman Theater Dressing Room to get your backstage pass and class assignment.
  • You are assigned to this specific class, stay with this class
  • There must be at least one monitor with a class at all times. Ie. 2 monitors should not take children to the bathroom at the same time.
  • A group should never be left unattended.  Do not leave your group to chat with others.
  • You may not leave the class you are watching to observe your daughter perform.
  • See COSTUME Sheet for info about costume, headpiece etc.
Do not bring any other children with you.  If you cannot find a babysitter for your other child(ren), even if they are dancers here, we thank you, but we cannot accept your offer to help.  Please let me know.

Dancer No’s are:
No underwear, no jewelry, no nailpolish, no tattoos, no headpieces falling off.
Helper No’s are:  No gum chewing, No cell phones, No frowns, No headpieces falling off.
Line students up 5 routines before they are scheduled to go on.  
*Make sure your group is properly ready:  PLEASE Quality check your dancers...
  • hair secure
  • no earrings
  • no colored elastics
  • ballet elastics tucked in  
  • gloves if needed
  • correct tights
  • appropriate makeup (use a q-tip to add lipstick if needed)
  • correct tights on
  • CHECK HEADPIECES!  Headpieces should be secure and on the right (unless noted on Costume Sheet)
  • If you are a pre-school or primary helper, please hold dancer’s hands if they are wearing tap shoes, they are slippery!
  • Keep dancers quiet and occupied when waiting.  They can color or you can play the Telephone Game, or Would you Rather?  Etc.  *Dancers should not be running around, playing tag or chasing each other.
  • Rule of thumb:  Treat these dancers how you would want someone to treat YOUR dancer. 
  • Make sure these dancers look how you would want YOUR dancer to look.  The backstage area should be orderly and organized.
  • Dancers are allowed to bring animal crackers and water only.
  • We will be allowing guests to use the bathroom outside the Forman Theater during Intermission of Shows 1 and 4.  Please keep dancers out of the bathroom during that time.
A staff member will give you the cue to bring dancers backstage, helpers are not allowed on stage. You will meet your group on the side that they finish their routine (usually Stage Right), help them off stage quickly, door must close immediately, save praise for backstage.  Bring dancers back to the dressing room to change into their next costume.
At the end:
  • All dancers will come out in the Parade at the end of each show, so do not change them after their last routine.  If they are in preschool, put ballet shoes on. After Parade, have dancers sit back in their seats and await their parents!  Do not change the dancers out of their costume, their parent can do that.  
  • Keep all students together.  Do not leave your group until the last student has been picked up.
  • Tidy up area when done and help set up for next show.
We are very grateful that you are volunteering to be a backstage helper.  In order to run a successful show, we need a strong backstage staff.  THANK YOU!
Miss Juliette :)