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Our Annual Recital is the weekend of June 22/23, 2019 at Roberts Auditorium, Rhode Island College.  Specific Dates and Times TBA in February. A mandatory Dress Rehearsal will be Saturday, June 1, 2019 at Roberts Auditorium.  Dress Rehearsal is when dancers rehearse routines on the big stage with lights and costume.  One parent only is permitted to attend dress rehearsal.  Non dancer siblings may not attend.

The below information is regarding June Recital costumes.
​While we are an all-inclusive performance based studio, it is not mandatory to participate in the June Recital. Please notify the office right away if your dancer is not performing in the Recital.
2018-2019 ​Recital Costume Fees:  
All costumes fees must be paid in full by December 1, 2018. Late payments not accepted, costumes will not be ordered.

Costume Fees:
Mommy & Me         $55 (1 costume) Parent does not order costume.  All black attire TBA.
Preschool                $115 (2 costumes, Ballet & Tap)
Primary                    $115 (2 costumes, Ballet & Tap)
Level 1                     $65 costume, per routine* (Jazz/Tap 1 requires 2 costumes)
Level 2                     $65 costume, per routine* (Jazz/Tap 2 requires 2 costumes)
Level 3                     $80 costume, per routine**
Level 4                     $80 costume, per routine**
Hip Hop 7-11           $65 costume, per routine*
Hip Hop 12+            $80 per costume**
Acro Beginner         $65 per costume*
Acro Intermediate    $80 per costume**
Acro Advanced        $80 per costume**
There is no costume fee or Recital dance for Acro 5-9 or 7-11 Strength & Training.

Prices do not include shoes, tights, camisole or additional accessories (ie. gloves, socks, wigs etc.).
* Additional $15 fee per costume for adult sizes will be posted in February.
**Additional $15 fee per costume for extra large adult sizes, will be posted in February.

Costume Payments:
$65 non-refundable costume deposit per dancer due upon enrollment.
Mommy & Me students pay $55 non-refundable costume deposit.
All costumes fees must be paid in full by December 1, 2018. See late order details below.
​Late payments not accepted, costumes will not be ordered.
There are no refunds on costume payments.
All costume fees will be posted to your account upon enrollment.
Costumes may be paid in full upon enrollment or any time before December 1st.
Costumes will not be ordered unless your entire account is up to date.

No Late Costume Orders:
There will be no late costume orders for dancers who are enrolled before December 1st. ​
Costumes MUST be paid in full by December 1st.
All costumes are ordered starting December 1st.
This is non-negotiable.

Enrollment After December 1: 
Dancers who enroll after December 1st have until January 15, 2019 to submit a costume payment.
​​A post processing fee will apply for your individual order.
This costume is considered a late order as the group order will have already been placed.
We cannot guarantee costumes will be available for late orders after the group order is made.  This is dependent on the Costume House stock availability and shipping date.
When you submit your remaining costume payment please email the office to confirm availability.

Measurements and Sizing:
Dancers are measured in class by Studio Staff.
Measurements are submitted and costume sizes are determined by a costume house.
Costumes do not go by pedestrian sizing; they are a general size and not made for each individual dancer.
Any alterations needed are the responsibility of the parent.  Dianne Stein at Competitor’s Closet in Warwick is a resource to alter costumes for a fee. 

Costume Pickup:
Costumes will not be distributed unless your entire account is up to date.
Costumes must be signed out when they are distributed in class.
If absent when costumes are distributed in class, you will receive at your next class.