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Dress Rehearsal
2019 CDDS DRESS REHEARSAL  Saturday, June 1, 2019 
(Studios are CLOSED)
Roberts Hall, Rhode Island College, 600 Mt. Pleasant Ave, Providence RI 02908

2019 Dress Rehearsal ARRIVAL TIMES:    Don’t be late…we cannot wait! 
  • Rhythmette, Junior, Senior Companies:  8:30am
  • Show 4:  9:45am
  • Show 1:  12:00pm
  • Show 2:  1:45pm
  • Show 3:  2:45pm
  • Show 5:  4:00pm
You are dismissed when your dancer is done with all of their routines. End times vary.
Company notes:  *Pee Wee arrive in Finale costume 9:30.  PW routines Show 4.  Prep Routines Show 1.  Prep/PW Ballet Show 1.
Rhy/Junior/Senior Company dismissal time TBA dependent on progress at morning rehearsal.  Demonstrators should stay all day 

What is Dress Rehearsal? 
A run through of the Recital in costume, hair, makeup, giving dancers the opportunity to experience the stage, lights, music, audience, backstage- in some cases, for the first time!

Please note:  No talking in the theater.  RIC technicians and CDDS Staff need full concentration to focus on creating the show.  We want you to be there and take pictures, but, a loud audience is extremely distracting and will be asked to leave if need. Your absolute cooperation is required for the safety of our dancers and success of the show.  Thank you!

What to know ahead of time:
  • ONE parent per dancer is allowed at Dress Rehearsal. Parent will receive a wristband upon check-in that must be worn and shown upon entering the theater and picking up your dancer.
  • Non-dancer siblings, babies and other family members are not permitted.  This policy will be enforced.
  • Photo/video may be taken at Dress Rehearsal. Photo/video are NOT permitted at the Recital. Recitals are professionally videoed and available for order. 
  • Parents change dancers in and out of costumes at Dress Rehearsal. CDDS Staff change dancers at Recitals while parents enjoy the show!
  • Dancers are dismissed once they perform ALL of their routines. End times are approximate.  At Recital, Dancers are dismissed at the end of show after Parade of Dancers.
  • Dancers must have complete costume and accessories in order in perform.
  • Attending Dress Rehearsal is required to perform in the Recital.
  • There are no dance classes on Saturday, June 1st.
  • Dance classes continue as usual through Friday, June 21st.
CDDS and RIC are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Please note: There is another dance studio using another facility at RIC, be sure to look for CDDS signs at Roberts Hall. There are numerous construction projects being conducted around Rhode Island College. Construction workers may be in buildings and there could be construction debris in the hallways. Please be mindful of any ongoing projects.
How to:  Dress Rehearsal Saturday, June 1, 2019, Roberts Hall, Rhode Island College
Step 1: Get ready at home!
  • Write dancer name in everything, ie. shoes, costumes, accessories, etc.
  • Pack all costumes, accessories, and shoes. 
  • Underwear: Tights are considered an undergarment, underwear is not needed.
  • Jewelry: Please remove earrings before arrival to avoid dancers getting upset.  Based on our experience, this is key. J  If earrings cannot be removed, cover them with a piece of band aid before arrival.  If a dancer arrives with earrings, a CDDS staff member will remove them.
  • Temporary Tattoos, Colored Hair Dye, Hair Beads, Nail Polish
  • Shiny Tights or Pantyhose: Dancers must wear approved tights listen in dress code.
  • Snacks, games and personal belongings. No food or drink allowed in auditorium.
STAGE HAIR for female dancers:
Mommy and Me:  Hair pulled away from face, Secure headpiece with bobby pins/clips.
Preschool: Neat and secure LOW bun. Bun must be LOW for hats to fit properly.
Primary, Level 1, 2, 3, 4, Hip Hop, Acro, Company:  Two French braids parted on the left tucked under. See website.
STAGE MAKEUP: Black mascara, brown eyeshadow, blush, red lipstick. Rhy/Jr/Sr Co. false eyelashes. Due to the bright lights on stage, dancers need makeup to prevent their features from being washed out.
  • Hair done, makeup, tights, camisole and first costume.
  • An e-mail will be sent indicating your first costume when show orders are posted. 
  • Dancers who wear pink and tan tights: Put on light sun tan tights first, then camisole. Put on and take off your pink tights as needed for Ballet 1 and 2.
  • Level 3, 4 and Company wear double ring rhinestone earrings per accessory list.
  • Camisoles are skin toned leotards that dancers wear underneath their costumes so they are fully clothed at all times backstage. 
Step 2: Arriving at Dress Rehearsal, Roberts Hall at Rhode Island College
Dancers must arrive in full makeup, hair, and first costume on.  First costume TBA.
  • Allow time for traffic, parking, bathroom, check-in, etc.
  • One parent and dancer enter through the front doors of Roberts Hall.
  • Go to check-in table for 1 parent wristband required to enter the theater.
  • Wait in lobby until your show is announced to enter the theater. 
  • Put on dance shoes. Remove non-costume items. Parents hold other belongings and costumes.
  • Dancer must be STAGE READY before entering the Auditorium.
  • Dancer will enter auditorium in full costume and dance shoes ready to perform.
  • Bring dancer to their reserved row by class in the right section of seats.
  • Parents sit in the middle and left sections with their dancers’ belongings.
  • After dancer performs, parent meets dancer in the side hallway.
  • Go to Forman Theater Dressing Room to change dancer into next costume as quickly as possible. Per RIC: No changing in hallways. 
  • Promptly return dancer to their seat.
  • When your dancer is finished, please exit Roberts Hall.