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Military Scholarships
The Carolyn Dutra Dance Studio is proud to offer financial assistance to children of military families with a parent currently serving oversees.
Please submit application to   You will be contacted upon receipt of your application.
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Child's Name:
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Name of Parent Serving and Title:
Branch of Military:
Dates of Deployment and Location:
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Miss Dutra has always had a special place in her heart for soldiers and their families.  Carolyn Dutra Dancers have supported local Veteran's hospitals, Holly Charette Women Veterans Home and participated in East Greenwich Veteran's Day Parade numerous times.

“In order to help our soldiers overseas, we should help their families back here in the states. I can help a soldier’s child by offering to keep their minds occupied and bodies healthy.” – Carolyn Dutra
“I saw a profile on television about a group of business people; auto mechanics, plumbers, electricians, and others, who wanted to help the families of soldiers. So, they contributed their trade. Of course, I can’t fix a car, or do plumbing, but I can help a soldier’s child by offering to keep their minds occupied, and their bodies healthy, by contributing my trade.  Dance.” -Carolyn Dutra