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New Online Dancers
Welcome to Carolyn Dutra Digital Dance Studio!
Dear New Families,
Our live online dance classes with CDDS teachers have been running since March 16, 2020 as a continuation of our regular dance education program. It was important to us that we continue providing all the benefits of dance (physical, psychological, emotional, social, etc.) to our dancers right away. Within two days of closing our Studio buildings due to quarantine, we were up and running with live online classes!

Based on the experience thus far and the positive feedback we have received, we will continue with the live online classes for as long as the Studio can sustain. The feedback from parents and students on the benefits of our live online dance class program has been so positive that we want to offer access to children outside of CDDS, too!

Currently running on a limited staff of four under direction of Miss Carolyn, we are working very hard to bring the joy of dance and movement directly to every student through the CDDS virtual classroom while upholding our quality standards. As we continue to acclimate and learn in this new environment, we thank you for your patience and support.

Dancingly Yours,
Carolyn Dutra Dance Studio
How to register:
1. CLICK HERE to create an account and register for our professionally designed Live Online Classes. 
2. Search classes under Session- Online Classes, Category 1: Online
3. A staff member will contact you with information about your class schedule. 

Email with any questions. Due to Studio buildings being closed, email is the best way to reach us during this time.

Classes offered: Registering for 1 class gives you access to one online class per week, PLUS one bonus class (of the same class) on a second day = a total of 2 classes/week for the cost of 1!
CLICK HERE for Weekly Schedule   Class descriptions below.
  • Online Mommy & Me (ages 18 months-3 years)
  • Online Preschool (ages 2.8months-5 years)
  • Online Primary (ages 5-7 years)
  • Online Level 1 (ages 7-9 years)
  • Online Level 1 (ages 9-11 years)
  • Online Level 3/4 (ages 11-17 years) 
  • Online Strength and Flexibility  (ages 5-9 or ages 7-11 years)
  • Online Hip Hop (ages 7-11 or  ages 12 and up)
Fees: Each class includes an additional bonus class! Registration Fees are waived for New Online Dancers.  Costume fees do not apply. 
Adjusted rates available for mid-month registration.
2020 Online Individual Tuition Rates
Mommy & Me      $45/month
1 class/week     $55/month
2 classes/week    $100/month
3 classes/week    $135/month
4 classes/week    $160/month

2020 Online Family Tuition Rates (Siblings living in same household)
2 classes/week     $105/month
3 classes/week     $150/month
4 classes/week     $180/month
5 classes/week     $210/month
6 classes/week     $225/month
7 classes/week     $240/month
8 classes/week     $255/month

Class Descriptions: All classes have been adapted for a home learning environment.
CLICK HERE for Weekly Schedule

Online Mommy & Me (Ages 18 months-3 years) 30 minute class
A Parent/child class designed to engage participants in creative movement and dance within the home.  Students will be exposed to a fun, constructive and nurturing experience exposing them to  musical awareness, as well as exploring self-awareness, creative expression and imagination. Rhythm, creative movement and the use of props are introduced.  

Online Preschool (Ages 2 years 8 months-5 years) 30 minute class
A fun, creative movement class to help shake the sillies out!  Emphasis is on stretch, following directions, developing gross motor skills, muscle control, balance, spatial awareness, and basic ballet skills.  A blend of current and traditional children's music is used in class to keep the little ones interested and engaged.

Online Primary (Ages 5-7 *5 and currently in Kindergarten) 30 minute class
Teaching the very basics of ballet with a blend of creative movement and maybe even just a hint of tap in ballet shoes!  A great way to stretch, learn and shake out some energy!

Online Level 1/2 (Ages 7-9) 60 minute class
Class begins with Ballet; Barre exercises, center and progressions.  The second half of class is Jazz focused with a warm-up, center work, and combination! A touch of Tap at the end (Tap shoes optional).

Online Level 1/2 (Ages 9-11) 60 minute class
Class begins with Ballet; Barre exercises, center and progressions.  The second half of class is Jazz focused with a warm-up, center work, and combination! A touch of Tap at the end (Tap shoes optional).

Online Level 3/4 (Ages 12-17) 75 minute class
Jazz and Contemporary are the focus of this class, with a touch of Tap at the end (Tap shoes optional).  A warm-up, center work, progressions and combination will all take place.

Online Stretch & Wiggle (Ages 3-5) 30 minute class
This class introduces basic acrobatic skills to our youngest dancers, building strength, flexibility, coordination, balance and confidence.  Students will stretch and get their wiggles out!

Online Strength & Flexibility (Ages 5-9, 7-11) 30 minute class
This class is designed to build strength, flexibility, coordination, balance and confidence.  Dancers will stretch, learn acrobatic poses, and shake out lots of energy!

Online Hip Hop (Ages 7-11, 12-17) 30 minute class
Combines elements of various street dance styles, blending Old School, New School, and even Jazz, performed to upbeat, current and popular music.
*Hippity Hop Ages 5-7 is a bonus class. Let us know if you would like to join in addition to a class above :)