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Winner PROJO Best RI Dance School 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020
Signed upon enrollment.
Upon submitting online enrollment, you give CDDS permission to CHARGE YOUR PRIMARY CARD ON FILE Enrollment Fees stated online. If you do NOT want your card on file charged, enroll in person with payment. *No charge for free trial classes, if available.

Session & Specialty Classes
No Registration or Costume fees for Session Classes. Upon submitting online enrollment, you give CDDS permission to CHARGE YOUR PRIMARY CARD ON FILE the fee stated online. If you do NOT want your card on file charged, enroll in person with payment.

  • Tuition is the total fee for classes enrolled. Monthly Tuition is based on the 10-month dance year, September-June.
  • Tuition is due your 1st class of every month. A late fee of $20 applies after 1st class.
  • Tuition is due regardless classes in a month or absences and does not vary.
  • Tuition must be paid for dancers to participate in class.
  • NO REFUNDS on tuition or registration fee.
  • Receive a 5% discount on tuition for the 10-month season year if you pay for the entire 10 months tuition in full by 8/31.
  • Cash, checks, or Visa and Mastercard accepted.
  • Checks not accepted for May and June tuition after 4/30. After 4/30 cash and credit only for May and June tuition.
  • Tuition Auto Pay charges your primary card on file the 1st studio day of each month.
Delinquent Accounts
  • Accounts must be up to date in order for dancers to participate in class.
  • The dancer will be dropped from class if account is delinquent for 30 or more days and CDDS will charge any card on file the owed past due balance.
  • Past due fees must be paid in order to return to class.
  • On outstanding accounts: client agrees to pay all costs of collection, including attorney fees.
  • Contact Blair Dutra with any financial concerns or requests. We are always here for our dance families and willing to work with you to come up with a fair and reasonable agreement.
Checks Policy
  • Checks cannot be accepted for May or June tuition after 4/30. If you pay by check, May & June tuition checks must be submitted by 4/30.
  • Checks cannot be accepted for costumes after 12/1.
  • Cash and credit are always accepted for tuition and costumes.
  • Returned Check Policy: A $25 fee will apply for any checks returned by the bank. This fee must be paid in cash or money order along with the original payment. If a payment is not received after multiple contact attempts, the card on file will be charged. After 2 returned checks, personal checks will no longer be accepted as payment. In the event of any refund request, there is a $10 refund processing fee per transaction.
  • Non-refundable costume deposit is due upon enrollment if dancer is participating in June Recital.
  • Costumes must be paid IN FULL by 12/1. Late payments not accepted; costumes will not be ordered. No late costume orders for dancers enrolled before 12/1.Dancers enrolled after 12/1 have until 1/15 to submit a costume payment in cash or credit, pending costume availability. No checks accepted for costumes after 12/1.
  • No refunds on costume payments.
  • Once costumes are ordered in December, dancers cannot switch classes.
  • Accounts must be up to date for dancers to receive costumes.
  • If you lose a costume or accessories, you are responsible for re-order fees, if available.
  • You are responsible for alterations needed to your costume. Costumes are a general size and not made for individual dancers.
  • If your dancer is not in the June Recital please contact the office to bypass this agreement.
No Refunds
There are NO refunds on any payments made (Registration, Tuition, Costumes, Summer Intensive/Camp/Classes, etc.). Credits may remain available for use through end of season.

Attendance Policy
  • Dancers and parents agree to hold good attendance as important.
  • Frequent absences may result in not being able to participate in a performance.
  • Our curriculum is designed to help dancers succeed based on appropriate attendance.  Missing an excessive amount classes will not allow dancers acheive the skills required to progress.
  • Call in advance if dancer will be late or absent.
  • Make up classes available for classes you are absent. Holidays/Studio closings not available for make up. Makeup classes may not apply for Sessions.
  • Call if you will be late picking up your dancer. After 2nd late pick up, additional fees apply.
Class Expectations
  • Dancers must display appropriate and respectful behavior at all times. Disrupting the harmony may result in dismissal.
  • Dancers will follow approved dress code.
  • Only dancers and CDDS Staff are permitted in the classrooms.
  • There must be at least 6 dancers enrolled in a class for it to take place. If a class does not meet enrollment requirements we will offer an alternative day and time.
Liability and Safety
  • The undersigned releases CDDS from all liability for any injuries arising from or concurrent with my child or my participation in any of his/her classes or activities.
  • Dancers in a brace or cast must provide a doctor note both excusing them from class and clearing them to participate in class.
  • Dancers are not permitted to leave the studio between classes without parents.
  • Children are not to be left unattended in the Studio waiting rooms without a parent.
  • Dancers under the age of 12 must have a parent meet them inside the Studio for pickup. Under 12 dancers are not to wait outside the Studio or walk home.
  • One adult per dancer is allowed in Dress Rehearsal. Non-dancer siblings or family members of any age are not permitted.
  • CDDS is not liable for any dancers who leave the Studio without a parent.
  • CDDS is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.
  • The safety and security of our dancers is of highest importance to us.
Special Considerations
  • All children are welcome at the Carolyn Dutra Dance Studios.
  • Please provide us with the tools necessary to give your child the best possible experience at the studio by informing us of any and all special considerations - this may include information on allergies, accessibility concerns, behavioral, psychological or emotional conditions or other special needs. Details of any Individualized Education Plans (IEP) or Behavior Plans used with your child at school can often be helpful. Please put these notes under "Special Needs" in Student's Medical Information.
Harmony Clause
Any inappropriate behavior, language, disrespect to Studio staff or property, or disrupting the harmony of the Studio is cause for dismissal whether by parent, child, or family member.

Photo Release
Throughout the year, there may be times when the CDDS Staff, or the media, with the approval of the director, may take photographs or videos of students. These photographs or videos may appear in studio publications, on the website or on the studio Facebook page and Instagram. You can be assured that all photos are done in a professional and appropriate manner. I hereby grant CDDS permission to use my child's photograph and/or videotaped image for the purposes mentioned above.

Final Agreement
All CDDS members agree to uphold respectful and appropriate behavior at all times along with all Studio policies. Students, parents and guardians agree to follow all rules, regulations and policies of the studios.

Social Media Clause
In this new age of technology, social media has become a big part of our children's lives. Cell phones are not allowed in class. Recording and Live Streaming is strictly prohibited in class and is cause for immediate dismissal from class. Posting of inappropriate photos or negative comments by parents, students, or family members on any social media is strictly prohibited and will be grounds for immediate dismissal from the Studio. While we encourage CDDS Pride, any unauthorized social media accounts representing the Carolyn Dutra Dance Studio are strictly prohibited.