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Showcase How To
How to: CDDS Showcase 2021-GAMM Theater
Gamm Theater-1245 Jefferson Blvd, Warwick, RI 02886

  • Masks are required at all times inside The Gamm Theatre regardless of vaccination status.
  • All CDDS staff and Showcase helpers are fully vaccinated.
Dancer drop off/CHECK IN:
  • Check in 30 minutes before your show time at Dancer Drop Off Door, front of the Gamm Theater. 
  • One parent receive wristband required to pick up dancer. 
  • CDDS staff escorts dancers to Dressing Room.
  • Parent line up with full party in audience entrance line.  You can enter when your full group has arrived.
Dancer pick up/CHECK OUT
  • Stay in your seats when the curtain goes down for the Parade of Dancers.  
  • Dancers are dismissed through the Theater to one parent with wristband by row.  
  • We ask for your patience during dismissal for a safe and orderly exit.
What to know before you go:
  • Arrive 30 minutes before your show in full stage makeup, hair done, first costume, mask on, other costumes in a large ziploc bag, with dancer name on outside.  (Show order TBA on website)
  • Photo/Video are prohibited during the show. Keep cell phones & cameras away at all times. Ushers will ask you to put your devices away if they are out, please prevent disruption. There is a video for purchase.
  • CDDS staff and helpers change dancers at Showcase (and are fully vaccinated), enjoy the show!
Step 1:  Get ready at home!
  • Write dancer name in everything-shoes, costumes, accessories.
  • Pack all costumes, accessories, and shoes in a large ziploc bag with dancer name on outside.
    • Level 3/4 : Bring costumes in a garment bag
  • Do not pack ANYTHING else-no snacks or water bottles. Shows are short! We have water if needed.
  • Put on makeup, tights, mask, first costume,with dance shoes on. (Show order TBA on website)
  • Use bathroom at home.
Items Not Allowed: If dancers arrive with these items a CDDS staff member will remove them or dancer may not be able to perform. CDDS and GAMM are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Underwear: Tights are considered an undergarment, underwear should not be worn.
  • Jewelry: Remove earrings before arrival to avoid dancers getting upset. Based on our experience, this is key.  If earrings cannot be removed, cover them with a piece of band aid before arrival.  If a dancer arrives with earrings, a CDDS staff member will remove them.
  • Temporary Tattoos, Colored Hair Dye, Hair Beads, Nail Polish
  • Shiny Tights or Pantyhose: Dancers must wear approved tights listed in dress code.
  • Leave games, toys and personal belongings at home.
  • No snacks or water bottles. Shows are short! We have water if needed.
Step 2:  GAMM!
Dancers arrive 30 minutes before your show, in full stage makeup, hair, mask, and first costume with dance shoes on. If your dancer does not arrive in a skin toned mask, one will be provided for them.
  • Allow time for traffic, parking, bathroom, check-in, etc.
  • One parent and dancer check in at Dancer Drop Off.
  • Parent will keep slides and any other non dance belongings.
  • You cannot enter the building until full group is there. There is no waiting in the lobby, when doors open you go right to your seat as a group.
STAGE HAIR for female dancers: Use hairspray and gel!
  • Toddler and Me:  Hair pulled away from face, secure headpiece with bobby pins/clips.
  • Preschool, Primary, Level 1, 2, 3, 4, Company:  Neat and secure center part, low bun. Bun LOW for hats.
STAGE MAKEUP for female dancers:
Dancers need makeup to prevent their features being washed out by the bright lights on stage:  Black mascara, black eye liner, brown eyeshadow.

STAGE HAIR/MAKEUP for male dancers:
Hair neat away from face.  Just enough makeup to emphasize facial features on stage. A little eye makeup to make eyes pop or whatever he is comfortable with!

 How to enjoy a CDDS production to the fullest!

To ensure the best possible experience for your dancer and your family, please read through, share and uphold the following CDDS theater etiquette.  
Please remember that everyone on stage is someone‚Äôs child and their family and friends are excited to see them perform.  

1. Arrive early- Our shows start on time.  Late arrivals will not be allowed into the audience until the ushers determine an appropriate time. Late arrivals will be seated in the back, not at their seat. Allow time for traffic, inclement weather, parking, bathroom, finding your seat, etc. Entire party must enter together.

2. Only leave your seat if completely necessary.  There is no intermission-the shows are short!

3. Keep cell phones/devices and cameras away during the entire performance. We recommend purchasing the professional video. Embrace the moment and enjoy the live performance. Any cell phones or other recording devices are distracting to the audience and performers. Avoid the disruption of ushers asking to put cell phones away by keeping them away during the show.
We are thankful for our respectful dance community, performers, staff, family, and friends.

Sincerely, CDDS Staff               Main Office: 401.737.6565