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Showcase Schedule
As of 5/18/21: Masks are still required in-Studio and will still be required at the Showcase for all performers, staff and attendees regardless of vaccination status.

We are SO EXCITED for these performances! We appreciate the patience and support from our dance families as we put on our first in-person all studio event in a pandemic following all safety guidelines and restrictions.  With much effort and consideration for all families, we are happy to release the CDDS 2021 Showcase Schedule!

Location: The Gamm Theatre, Warwick RI *Note venue change as of 5/20/21*
  • Dancers and guests arrive 30 minutes before show time. Full parties must enter together. We have a specific entrance protocol that must be followed. Please do not be late.
  • Shows are approximately 1 hour.
  • Masks required by all attendees.
  • Students cannot be dismissed early and must remain for the entire duration of the show. We have a specific dismissal protocol that must be followed.
Ticket info coming soon! Tickets will be limited per family.

Show 1-Saturday, June 19, 2021, 11am
  • Smithfield Monday 4:45pm Primary/Acro
  • Smithfield Tuesday 9:15am Toddler and Me
  • Smithfield Tuesday 4pm Preschool
  • Smithfield Tuesday 5pm Level 1
  • Smithfield Tuesday 7:15pm Hip Hop
  • Smithfield Saturday 9:45am Preschool
  • Smithfield Saturday 10:45 Primary/Acro
  • Cranston Thursday 6pm Toddler and Me
  • Senior Company - Select Routines
  • Pee Wee Company - All Routines
Show 2-Saturday, June 19, 2021, 1:30pm
  • Cranston Monday Dimucci Duet
  • Cranston Monday 5pm Primary/Acro
  • Cranston Wednesday 4pm Preschool
  • Cranston Thursday 5pm Preschool
  • Smithfield Thursday 5:30pm Level 3/4
  • Senior Company- All Routines
  • Closed Class - All Routines
Show 3-Saturday, June 19, 2021, 4:00pm
  • Cranston Wednesday 5pm Level 1
  • Cranston Wednesday 7pm Hip Hop
  • Cranston Saturday 9:45am Preschool
  • Cranston Saturday 10:45am Primary/Acro
  • Cranston Saturday 12:30pm Level 1
  • Smithfield Wednesday 4pm Primary
  • Smithfield Wednesday 5pm Level 2
  • Warwick Saturday 12:00pm Level 2
  • Senior Company - Select Routines
Show 4-Sunday, June 20, 2021, 11am
  • Warwick Monday 7pm Hip Hop
  • Warwick Wednesday 5:30pm Level 1
  • Warwick Saturday 9am Toddler and Me
  • Warwick Saturday 11am Preschool
  • Warwick Saturday 10am Primary/Acro
  • Warwick Saturday 12:15pm Level 1
  • Warwick Saturday 2:15pm Hip Hop 
  • Senior Company - Select Routines
Show 5-Sunday, June 20, 2021, 1:30pm
  • Warwick Monday 5pm Primary/Acro
  • Warwick Wednesday 4pm Primary
  • Warwick Wednesday 4:30pm Preschool
  • Warwick Wednesday 5:45pm Level 3/4
  • Closed Class-All Routines
  • Senior Company - Select Routines
Show 6-Sunday, June 20, 2021, 4pm
All below Company routines - This show is intended for below Company families to attend only.
  • Preparatory
  • Pee Wee Company
  • Rhythmettes
  • Junior Company
  • Senior Company