Carolyn Dutra Dance Studio
Tradition...with an EDGE
Studios in Warwick, Cranston, Smithfield, RI
Winner BEST Dance School in RI, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020
Showcase Tickets
CDDS Showcase Tickets on Sale ONLINE.
Additional tickets are available! Box office closes at 4pm June 17.

Masks required at the Showcase for all performers, staff and attendees regardless of vaccination status.
Photos and video strictly prohibited. There will be professional video available for purchase.

  • Tickets sold per family, not per student. $20/ticket, processing fees apply.
  • Dancers do not need a ticket.
  • Only purchase tickets for the show your dancer is performing in.  If you purchase tickets for a show your dancer is not in they will be canceled and there are no refunds.
  • Children under 1 must sit on a lap and do not need a ticket. Everyone over the age of 1 must purchase a ticket and sit in a seat. No strollers or infant car seats.  
  • There are no refunds under any circumstances.
  • Tickets are not available at the door.
  • Toddler and Me performing adult and dancer do not need to purchase a ticket. A complementary row has been reserved for the perofrming adult and dancers immediately following your performance  -- in case you need to see another performer :) Ushers will seat you. Do not purchase a ticket with your family group- you cannot be seated with them mid-show.
  • Any ticketing questions should be directed to: Sarah McKenna :

To help this new ticketing process goes smoothly please be courteous of the following:
  • The system will allow you to purchase more tickets than the maximum per show, however, if you do, they will be canceled and there are no refunds. Please abide by the maximum. See below. Click Here to find what show your dancer is in.
  • Purchase seats side by side and do not leave empty single seats space. 
  • Note when you purchase tickets:  THE STAGE IS AT THE TOP OF THE SEATING DIAGRAM - FRONT ROW IS ROW E
Seating Policies:
  • Seating and number of tickets available per family are limited. Each show family ticket maximum varies by capacity based on number of performing families.
  • Do not enter the theater until your entire group has arrived.
  • We ask that audience members stay for the entire show as it is disruptive to leave during the show.  The shows are short and entertaining...sit back, relax and enjoy!
CDDS Showcase  (Show 1)Sat 6/19, 11am

CDDS Showcase (Show 2) Sat 6/19, 1:30pm
Maximum-6, Senior Co Maximum-4

CDDS Showcase (Show 3) Sat 6/19, 4:00pm

CDDS Showcase  (Show 4) Sun 6/20, 11am

CDDS Showcase (Show 5) Sun 6/20, 1:30pm
Maximum-5, Closed Class Maximum-6

CDDS Showcase (Show 6) Sun 6/20, 4:00pm
Maximum-5, Graduating Seniors-6

Showcase Schedule + Ticket Maximum

Show 1-Saturday, June 19, 2021, 11am
Each family can purchase up to 6 tickets for this show.
  • Smithfield Monday 4:45pm Primary/Acro
  • Smithfield Tuesday 9:15am Toddler and Me
  • Smithfield Tuesday 4pm Preschool
  • Smithfield Tuesday 5pm Level 1
  • Smithfield Tuesday 7:15pm Hip Hop
  • Smithfield Saturday 9:45am Preschool
  • Smithfield Saturday 10:45 Primary/Acro
  • Cranston Thursday 6pm Toddler and Me
  • Select Senior Company Routines
Show 2-Saturday, June 19, 2021, 1:30pm
Each family can purchase up to 6 tickets for this show. Senior Company-4 tickets.
  • Cranston Monday Dimucci Duet
  • Cranston Monday 5pm Primary/Acro
  • Cranston Wednesday 4pm Preschool
  • Cranston Thursday 5pm Preschool
  • Smithfield Thursday 5:30pm Level 3/4
  • Senior Company- All Routines
Show 3-Saturday, June 19, 2021, 4:00pm
Each family can purchase up to 5 tickets for this show.
  • Cranston Wednesday 5pm Level 1
  • Cranston Wednesday 7pm Hip Hop
  • Cranston Saturday 9:45am Preschool
  • Cranston Saturday 10:45am Primary/Acro
  • Cranston Saturday 12:30pm Level 1
  • Smithfield Wednesday 4pm Primary
  • Smithfield Wednesday 5pm Level 2
  • Warwick Saturday 12:00pm Level 2
  • Select Senior Company Routines
Show 4-Sunday, June 20, 2021, 11am
Each family can purchase up to 6 tickets for this show.
  • Warwick Monday 7pm Hip Hop
  • Warwick Wednesday 5:30pm Level 1
  • Warwick Saturday 9am Toddler and Me
  • Warwick Saturday 11am Preschool
  • Warwick Saturday 10am Primary/Acro
  • Warwick Saturday 12:15pm Level 1
  • Warwick Saturday 2:15pm Hip Hop 
  • Select Senior Company Routines
Show 5-Sunday, June 20, 2021, 1:30pm
Each family can purchase up to 5 tickets for this show.  Closed Class- 6 tickets
  • Warwick Monday 5pm Primary
  • Warwick Wednesday 4pm Primary
  • Warwick Wednesday 4:30pm Preschool
  • Warwick Wednesday 5:45pm Level 3/4
  • Closed Class-All Routines
  • Select Senior Company Routines
Show 6-Sunday, June 20, 2021, 4pm
All below Company routines - This show is intended for below Company families to attend only.
Each family can purchase up to 5 tickets for this show.  Graduating Seniors-6 tickets

  • Preparatory
  • Pee Wee Company
  • Rhythmettes
  • Junior Company
  • Senior Company