Our Classes

NEW 2023-2024 Season Schedule

See the NEW 50th YEAR 2023-2024 schedule below! Schedule updated 5/18/23. Subject to change.
Enrollment is always open. Join anytime! 
Ages as of September 1. Age used as a guideline. Dancers evaluated individually based on graded curriculum.

Toddler & Me,  Ages 18 months-3

A 30 minute fun-filled adult/child creative movement program designed to impart the physical, emotional, and cognitive development of our youngest dancers. Students will be experience a nurturing classroom experience learning classroom etiquette, musical awareness, as well as exploring self-awareness, creative expression and imagination. Rhythm, creative movement and the use of props are introduced.  Any adult care giver is welcome.  Students do not need to be potty trained.  
  • To uphold the integrity of our dance education, Toddler & Me classes require 1 adult per dancer.  If you have multiple children, another adult must attend per child. No other adults or siblings allowed in dance room.  Other siblings/children, may not be left unattended the Studio.

Preschool, Ages 2 yr8 mo-5

A 45 minute class designed to introduce and explore creative movement, Ballet and Tap. Emphasis is on developing gross motor skills, muscle control, balance and spatial awareness, as well as listening and leadership skills. Rhythmical patterns and props are used to create a fun, moving environment!
Students must be 100% potty trained in order to enroll.

Primary, Ages 5-7

A 60 minute class exploring the very basics and fundamentals of Ballet, Tap, Tumbling and Creative Movement. This class builds confidence, strength, and coordination and is an extension of the Preschool Class.  We recommend adding Acro Ages 3-5 or 6-11 in addition to this class.
Students must be 5 years old by September and in Kindergarten.

Primary/Acro Combo, Ages 5-7

A 90 minute combo class of Primary dance and Acrobatics. Dance styles include Ballet, Tap and creative movement. Acrobatics includes stretches and tumbling, focusing on balance, endurance and flexibility. It’s the “floor routine” in gymnastics!
This class is considered TWO classes under tuition rates. Dancers must attend both styles and stay for the full duration of class. Primary and Acro are also offered separately.
Students must be 5 years old by September and in Kindergarten.

Level 1, 2, 3, 4, Ages 7-17

At age 7 a more formal and structured dance training begins!
Level 1, ages 7-9, Ballet, Tap, Jazz    105 minute class
Level 2, ages 9-12, Ballet, Tap, Jazz   120 minute. class
Level 3, ages 12-14, Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary   135 minute class
Level 4, ages 15-17, Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary   135 minute class
(Level 3/4 offered separately in Smithfield: Contemporary/Ballet 60 minute class and Jazz/Tap 75 minute class)

These  are combo classes and considered multiple classes under tuition rates. Dancers must attend all styles of dance and stay for the full duration of class. (Level 1/2 = 2 class tuition, Level 3/4 = 3 class tuition)
The Vaganova Method is implemented in this stage of a young dancer’s development. Now, children are physically and emotionally capable of studying in a more structured way. Technique and terminology are broadened at these levels.
Pointe is the dream for dancers! To safely start pointe, Dancers should be at least 11 years old and have studied ballet for at least 3 years for 3-5 hours per week. Their feet must also be structurally ready for demands of pointe work.

Also an American art form stressing technique and style, while introducing Theatre Dance, Contemporary, Funky, African, and many more. Classes consist of center warmup, floor stretches, isolations, progressions and combinations.

An American art form taught in the true tradition. Rhythms and coordination are stressed, progressively advancing each year. Tap terminology is highlighted.

Contemporary dance combines elements of several genres including jazz, lyrical and ballet. Contemporary dancers strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements and have the opportunity to express themselves through improvisational movements

Acrobatics, Ages 3-17

Stretches, tumbling and acrobatic tricks, focusing on balance, endurance and flexibility. It’s the “floor routine” in gymnastics!

We have class  based on age that focus on the foundation of acrobatics and building strength and flexibility. As well as classes with skill prerequisites for the more serious acrobatics students looking to progress at a faster pace.


Acro, Ages 3-5
A 45 minute class introducing basic acrobatic skills to our youngest dancers.  This class will build strength, flexibility, coordination, balance and confidence.  Students will stretch, learn acrobatic poses, tumble, climb through obstacle courses and get their wiggles out in a safe space with our certified instructors.
Placement for this class is by age, no previous skills required. Must be 100% potty trained. No recital dance for this class.

Acro, Ages 6-11  
A 45 minute class focusing on acrobatic skills like somersaults, splits, backbends, etc, while building strength and flexibility. This class will build strength, flexibility, coordination, balance and confidence.
Placement for this class is by age, no previous skills required. No recital dance for this class.

Acro Level I & II
Ages 7+ years old with 1 year minimum Acro experience, see pre requisites.
Placement for these classes is by skill.
These 60 minute mixed-level intensive classes are for focused students who want to work hard! This class builds strength, flexibility, agility and confidence in Acro skills. Throughout the session, students will work on various skills based on level: Acro I - handstands, front/back walkover, cartwheels, etc., Acro II - aerial, handsprings, and more advanced acro skills.
  • Prerequisite for Acro 1 -  Standing backbend without a spot
  • Prerequisite for Acro II - Front/Back walkover without a spot

Acro for Dancers
Acro for Dancers Minimum 1 year Acro experience required.
This mixed-level intensive class builds strength, flexibility, agility and confidence in Acro skills that benefit a dancer. Each week will focus on various skills that are utilized in dance.  Dancers will practice transitions of acro skills and technique in to dance, such as: Backbends, Cartwheels, Handstands, Splits and more. Students should expect a hard working class!
Prerequisite -  Ages 7+, Standing backbend without a spot
What to Wear:
Girls: Solid Black leotard, pink/tan transition tights, Hair pulled back securely away from face (no scrunchies), Barefoot.
Boys: White T-shirt, Black athletic pants, Hair pulled away from face, Barefoot

Hippity Hop, Ages 5-7
Hip Hop, Ages 7-11

Hippity Hop: A 45 minute hip hop class designed for ages 5-7. Class begins with a warmup, progressions, and students learn a combination with introductory hip hop moves that will build each week. Movement games and props are used each week. Music and lyrics appropriate for their age group. Most of all...this class is fun!!

Hip Hop: A 45 minute Hip Hop class combines elements of various street dance styles, blending Old School, New School, Breakdancing, and even Jazz, performed to upbeat, current and popular music.

Dance Companies

The Carolyn Dutra Companies consist of young dancers who show promise and potential in dance. Dance is priority for these dancers and their main activity. There is much commitment and expectations required by Company dancers and families.
Students must audition for a position in the Company during the Summer program. Auditioning students are recommended by their teachers, indicate that they are interested in becoming a Company member to their teachers, or are hand-picked by Miss Carolyn.
Company classes meet at least twice a week at any of the three Studio locations. There are various mandatory rehearsals, events, and performances in addition to good attendance in classes.
Company Dancers have many opportunities to perform throughout RI and the United States!  Recent performance venues:  Disney,  Carnival  & Royal Caribbean Cruises (international!), Hershey Park, Carnegie Hall, The Dunkin Donuts Center for the Providence College Mens Basketball Halftime, as well as local community events, and more!!
Companies and Ages
Closed Class: Ages 7-9
Preparatory: Ages 8-11
Pee Wee Company:  Ages 8-11
Rhythmettes: Ages 11-14
Junior Company: Ages 13 & up
Senior Company: Ages 13 & up
*Age is used as a guideline and may change from year to year

Adult Classes

We offer an array of adult classes throughout the year that run in weekly sessions and pop-up classes, such as Tap, Jazz, Yoga, POUND Fitness, Zumba and more! Classes are for dancers with some experience, unless specified. See Session page for current classes.