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  • [February 2022 ] I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the organization, dedication and work that has gone into keeping the studio and classes open during the Pandemic. If I wasn't already hooked on CCDS because of the fabulous staff the way that you handled this pandemic and the level of structure and organization would have done it. I really appreciate all of you and everything you have done for the last 4 years my daughter has been there. The level of excellence achieved in the last two years has really been incredible.
  • [June 2021 ] This season is wrapping up on Saturday and I would like to express my thanks to everyone who helped me and my daughter feel so welcomed. My daughter only started dance a few months ago and I had no idea what I was doing.  Everyone I spoke to was very understanding, friendly, and great to work with. My daughter absolutely loves her teacher and is very excited every Saturday morning to go to dance. To me it was worth every penny to see her smile after dance class and after her recital.Thank you again, we will definitely be back in the fall when classes start again.
  • [June 2021 ] I want to thank you for an amazing year of remote dance instruction. I was continually impressed by both the quality of instruction and the dance community Miss Chryssa fostered with the online students. My daughter made incredible progress this year. We look forward to joining in person classes next year!
  • [June 2021 ] Thank you to you and the CDDS teachers for your commitment to providing dance training to my daughter and the dancers through the pandemic.  Despite having to do virtual classes, it helped to keep the dancers and teachers connected, and continue the dance training.  The studio did a great job with ensuring compliance and safety in the studio as the dancers returned in person.  My daughter has been more connected with the dance group.
  • [June 2021 ] Thank you for all of hard work! It is evident how much you care about the well-being of your dancers as you always go above and beyond! We really appreciated having the virtual dance class this past year.  Though it was online, it was the highlight of our daughter's week.  
  • [June 2021' I want to thank you for an amazing year of remote dance instruction. I was continually impressed by both the quality of instruction and the dance community Miss Chryssa fostered with the online students. Victoria made incredible progress this year. We look forward to joining in person classes next year! 
  • [Dec 2020] Thank you so much for everything you have been doing to provide a sense of normalcy for all of the dancers. My daughter looks forward to her Saturday mornings virtual dance class and especially enjoyed all of the special Nutcracker guests who attended the past few weeks.
  • Just wanted to drop a quick line to Miss Carolyn for another wonderful year of dance and a beautiful recital! NOTHING compares to CDDS. The choreography, stage presence of the dancers, costumes, music, everything -it's unmatched, it truly is. Also - a HUGE thank you to everyone for how safe they make us "nutty moms" feel having our little ones back stage. The safety measures in place are critical, and although I always go into it with a pit in my stomach, I always walk away feeling so comfortable and at ease that the security in place, and volunteer moms, are doing their job at 110%. You ladies are all amazing and have made the last two years of dance a wonderful experience. Looking forward to enrolling her lil' sis next year as well!
  • My daughter is absolutely in love with the class... and has actually shown a lot of growth in the last few months - crazy to think that a 45 minute class once a week could have such an impact on a 3 year old but this has stretched her a little bit in terms of socializing and what not. We're very happy! :)
  • Sunday night, June 22nd was like Broadway came to Providence!  Your show was outstanding!  We must say your dance rectial was by far the very best dance recital we have ever attended. 
  • From a graduating Company member parent:
    Thank you! Lauren has studied dance for 15 years, but it is much more than that and it showed last night at the Cranston High School East Convocation. Lauren received high honors and is a member of the National Honor Society. As she stood before the audience amongst her class mates, the difference was glaringly noticeable. Her feet beveled, shoulders firm and squared, eyes brightly looking at her audience and of course the signature Dutra smile. CONFIDENCE! It also showed when she received her small scholarship award. Again her shoulders in perfect alignment, head straight, looking directly into the eyes of the person offering her award and then the firm hand shake and gracious smile. Other students were either robotic, shuffled their feet, or cowered with rounded or slumped shoulders as they glided into the lime light. Incredible lessons and her drive and ambition is a direct result from the confidence she has assimilated through the years from the continued commitment to the art of dance and of course a little dab of good parenting. Sometimes it is easier to scream and rant when a situation doesn't go the way you want and "thank yous" are a distant thought, but as Lauren's days are rapidly coming to a close, this daddy just can see what a good choice it was to hand her over to you 15 years ago and see what she has become.
    Great job Ms. C....great job!  
  • From Mr. Adam and the entire Advanced Production and Design team to the Carolyn Dutra Dancers, we would like to send an incredible thank you. Your expertise and professionalism brought Fashion Week Rhode Island to an entirely new level. We have always loved working with the Dutra Dancers and will continue to welcome the opportunity to work with such talented, outgoing, and genuine performers. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We can not wait to work with you again! Please take some well deserved time to enjoy your summer! Thank you!
    With Much Love, Advanced Production and Design
  • About the Wonderful Miss Christie :)   She is amazing with our girls. She has renewed Abby's love for dance. I don't fight about going anymore. It's amazing. You were all so right about keeping her where she was and it did wonders for her self esteem. And Miss Christie was a very large part of that. We are all so thankful for what she does for our girls. We love her. And I will be sad for Abby to leave her. 
  • I wanted to take quick minute to THANK YOU for the Zumba class last night.  I’d tried several Zumba classes in the past and at each class, I felt like I’d been thrown to the wolves!  The songs came on and it was “GO!”  No showing of steps before hand, no introductions, nothing.  I know those extra instructions/introductions take time and I know time is valuable, especially when it comes to a paid service.  However, that time, is what will keep someone like me coming back.  I never went back to the other three or four places I’d attempted a Zumba class at, but I will be back at yours!  You and your instructors kept me laughing – while I may not have smiled much, I was certainly laughing inside as I concentrated on where to put my two left feet next. By the way, I adore Blair’s yoga classes as well.  I’ve been to several already and make sure to mark the date in my calendar as soon as they pop up!