Our 50th Recital will be held  June 22-23, 2024 at the new, state of the art, East Providence Highschool Auditorium! There are no ticket limits in this beautiful 900-seat auditorium and plenty of on-site parking!

The Recital is an opportunity for dancers to showcase what they have learned all year on the big stage, in costume with hair and stage makeup done!  It is not mandatory to perform in the Recital, but most dancers do. There is a costume order deadline and after that dancers can enroll in class but do not participate in the Recital. The dancers show their independence and confidence through the art of dance!  Our shows are entertaining, professional and family friendly.  We try our best to make them short, too :)  Looking forward to another year of FUN!

*Hippity Hop and Acro Classes do not perform in Recitals

50th Annual CDDS Recital June 22-23, 2024 @ East Providence High School


New, state of the art, East Providence High School Auditorium! There are no ticket limits in this beautiful 900-seat auditorium and plenty of on-site parking!
We are excited to return to Miss Carolyn's alma mater, where she was crowned Miss East Providence. In the past, CDDS held our annual Recitals at the original EP High School for 20 years. There is a sense of nostalgia returning, although it is all brand new :)

Show Order/Schedule

Recital schedule by class posted in May.
Dancers and siblings who take multiple classes may be cast in multiple Recitals.  We do our best to have siblings in the same shows, but it is not guaranteed.  We cannot guarantee siblings or all of a dancer's classes if taken on different days will be in the same show. Please know we do our best and there are many elements of logistics into designing our productions. Regular ticket purchase applies.

Search for your student's class to find out which show they are performing in and what costume to arrive in!

Recital Day - What to Know

What to pack, how to check-in/pick up your dancer, etc.


Be sure to purchase tickets for your correct show. There are  no refunds or exchanges.
  • Tuesday, May 14, 2024 7am: Tickets go on sale for Shows 1, 2, 3 
  • Wednesday, May 15, 2024 7am: Tickets go on sale for Shows 4, 5


*There are no photos taken during the show, this is your opportunity to capture the memory of your dancer in costume! Please keep in mind the lighting is designed for the live stage production.*

Picture Day

2024 Recital Picture Day - Schedule by class coming soon. If you are unable to attend your Studio's day, you can sign up for a make up at another location.

Donner Photographers will take individual photos of dancers at CDDS in their Recital costumes!


Miss Carolyn selects costumes for each class! They are handed out in class as full orders arrive. Never wear your costume before the Recital - except for Picture day or a Studio community show :)
Click below for 2024 Recital costume fees and details.
No costumes for Hippity Hop or Acro.

How to enjoy a CDDS production to the fullest!

  1. Arrive early- Our shows start on time.  Late arrivals will not be allowed in to the audience until the ushers determine an appropriate time. Don’t miss your dancer! Allow time for traffic, inclement weather, parking, bathroom stops, picking up Celebrate Your Dancer orders, finding your seat, etc. Have a plan for your entire party to have their own tickets.
  2. Stay seated for the entire show. It is disruptive to leave during the show. Everyone on stage is someone’s child and their family and friends are excited to see them perform.  The shows are short (Approximately 90 minutes) and entertaining...sit back, relax and enjoy!
  3. Please keep cell phones/devices and cameras away during the entire performance.


There are absolutely NO photos or videos permitted by audience members during the show.
Notify any family members attending the show regarding this policy.  It is extremely distracting to the dancers and other guests in the theater if an usher has to address a situation and interrupt the show. Miss Carolyn will stop the show if this policy is broken.