Peek Week

October 23-28, 2023
March , 2024

For ALL full season classes. Company  schedule TBD.
 (No session classes)
  • TWO parents of each dancer are invited to visit their class!  We will give you a "peek" into the classroom and what we have been working on!  
    • Toddler and Me:  One additional parent may attend the entire 30 minute class and observe OR participate! Arrive together.
  • Students enter at regularly scheduled time for class
  • Parents lineup outside studio 20 minutes before end of class and staff will let you in
  • Remove shoes in the waiting room before entering the classroom (this is dance studio etiquette, no street shoes on the dance floor.)
  • Seating will be on floor
  • Take photos and video if you like!
  • Parents and dancer leave together at the end of class so we can prepare for next class.
  • If you must bring a sibling due to child care, you may.
  • No make ups if absence.
Please note:  Dancers may act differently with their parents in the room, it's ok!  Be sure to let them know how great they are :)

Company Peek Week Schedule: 
  • TBD