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Company Miss Instructions
Submitting a Company Miss Notification– We acknowledge life outside of dancing school and try our best to work with you when we can.  If you have family vacations or other important events that require you to miss class, choreography or a rehearsal on a specific day, we want to know.  It helps us to better schedule.  
It is not guaranteed there will not be choreography/rehearsal on a day you have submitted, however, it helps us to better plan when we can and we do our best to accommodate and be fair!
       1.  Email Subject: Company Miss, Dancer Name, Company Name
       2.  Write: Dancer name, Company name, Dates you will be absent/unavailable and the reason why.
       3.  You will receive a reply confirming receipt of your e-mail.

*If you will be out due to illness or a last minute challenge, you must CALL the Main Office 401-737-6565.  
*Do NOT email day of absences as we cannot guarantee receipt in time.