CDDS Performance @ PC Men's Basketball Game Halftime on Wednesday, February 7, 2024, 8:30pm vs.Creighton
Parents of dancers FILL OUT THIS FORM by 2/5/24

Ticket Info:
Tickets still available
Purchase Link 
Cost: $25/ticket + $5 fee per order
  • Dancers must purchase a ticket with our group to enter.
  • Children 2 and under on a lap are free.
  • Parents are not required to attend the game.
  • Understudies are not required to attend.

Parking Info
Game Day Timeline:
  • 5:30pm Dancers meet inside Amica Mutual Pavilion Lobby dressed in full costume, makeup (except lipstick), warmup jacket and black leggings on.
  • 6-6:30pm Rehearsal on the court
  • 8:30pm Game Time
  • 9:15pm (Approximately) dancers go to dressing room for final preparation
  • 9:30pm (Approximately) CDDS Halftime Performance 
  • Dancers pick up belongings in dressing room then dismissed to parents following the performance outside section 106 or meet in Lobby if not attending.

  • Upon 5:30pm arrival, a group photo is taken in the lobby and then dancers go with CDDS staff to rehearse on the court and remain in dressing room until time to go to seats. 
    • Dancers arrive dressed in full costume, makeup (except lipstick), warmup jacket and black leggings on, small bag with sealable water bottle and snack.
  • Parents leave after dropping off dancer and enter the game separately when doors open at 7:30pm. 
  • Dancers and staff return to dressing room shortly before the performance to apply lipstick, secure headpieces and final touches.
  • Parents can come down to the court during Halftime to watch the performance up close, or stay in your seats. Photo/video allowed. We do get a great video of the routine and post it on YouTube!
  • Dancers and staff go directly to the dressing room after performance to pick up belongings and then meet parents outside section 106. If parents are not attending the game, CDDS Staff will escort dancers to meet parents in the Lobby where they first arrived. We will send out a Google Form to collect this pickup information.

What to Pack:
  • Small bag. Do not bring a huge dance bag, space is limited.
  • Sealable water bottle (no tumblers with straws)
  • Non crumbly/messy healthy snack, like a protein bar, banana, Twizzlers ;) etc. (No Goldfish, cheez-its, etc. they leave a mess.)
  • Extra tan tights
  • Makeup for touchups, red lipstick
  • Small blanket/towel to sit on in dressing room.
  • Do not bring anything else, no valuables
*CDDS and PC are not responsible for lost items.

What to Wear:
  • WEAR:  Full body camisole, tan tights, white crew socks, white parade sneakers, costume (white leotard, vest, skirt, head piece), black jazz pants, CDDS warmup jacket
    • If it's raining, do not wear your white sneakers outside.
  • HAIR by headpiece
    • visor - space buns Reference
    • beanie - pigtail braids
    • blue headband - half up pigtails (full body/curled/teased) Reference
    • bandana/yellow headband - high ponytail (full body/curled/teased) - Like PC last year! 
  • MAKEUP:  Stage Makeup- foundation,  black eyeliner, brown eyeshadow, lots of pink blush, RED lipstick, BIG false eyelashes, fill in eyebrows.  Do not wear lipstick upon arrival. You will put on before performance.
    • Company Red Lipstick: MAC-Red, Russian Red. Sephora brand cream liquid lipstick-Always Red
  • NO: nail polish or other jewelry